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How It Works

1: Pick Your Program

2: Fill Out The Questionnaire 

3: Checkout & Receive Your Tailored Practice Program

Remote Training Programs

Each one of our Remote Training Programs are tailored specifically to your position & current skillset. After completing the Remote Program Questionnaire our team will get to work in developing a specialized program that will ensure you develop your skillset & can monitor your progress along the way. 


The Starter Kit

The Starter Kit is for the beginner player looking to master their fundamentals & develop a confident knowledge of the basics.

10 Videos

$99 / Flat Fee




4 Videos / Month


1 private consultation regarding your program & your progress.

$39 / Month


Additional Services

 Our programs allow add-on services such as personalized video analysis & feedback as well as online 1 on 1 consultations. These additional services are also for sale al la carte.

Video Analysis       1 on 1 Consultation


 0-5 minutes / $49

6-10 minutes / $79





8 Videos / Month

VIP access to weekly online webinar covering topics you request.


1 private consultation regarding your program & your progress.

Annual Limited Edition SS48 Team Merchandise.

$89 / Month